The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

Summer forlornment.  Summer is almost over, folks.  Trying to keep that pep in the collective step, so to speak.  Again, beware the levels.  Theories on shoegazer music.  Running through valley with a princess by your side.  Or prince, whatever is applicable.  Backcheck music featurette.  We are getting better about backchecking, we promise.  Material contained within is for reference purposes only.  Thanks for listening.  Available until September 10th.

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S.U.G.O. Radio episode No. 2

More summer jams dimished by the ring of light for this edition, the ones that were thought of after the fact.  Please consider lifting the DanBan this summer, "It's so outrageous" say the black cow singers.  Music is best heard when next to a grill, maybe between the hours of 6 and 9.  Please note that this material will have level issues.  We're new to this, folks.  Technology, whatareyougonnadoeh?  Material contained within is for reference purposes only.  Available until September 3rd.

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Welcome to the inagural epidosde, crammed with summer jams.  Nick and Vince aurally display other peoples music that's been sitting and stewing in their collective libraries for some time. Over time, they will share all the stuff fit to listen to.  And maybe not.  Enjoy!  Available until August 26th.

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