The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

“Sat By A Tree” Dan Deacon
“Machine” Primo!
“You You” Malaria!
“Grip” Animal Magic
“Do You Know the Way to Sane Jose (Take 15)” Vince Guaraldi
“You Make Me Sick” Satan’s Rats
“This Is A Picture” Shellac
“I Might Just Crack” The Makers
“House of Suffering” Bad Brains
“Dreamworld” The Cowboy
“Dress” PJ Harvey

"Samsara" Anasazi
"Schwall" Aus
"Tyhjyyden saramentti" Oranssi Pazuzu
"Catapillars" Ayumi Ishioto
"R.E.S." The Cardiacs
"Bella Bella" Shiva

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