The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

Halloween Episode II

Various Howlin' Halloween
"Blood Blood Blood" Snowy Red
"See You In The Boneyard" The Flesheaters
"Graveyard Groove" Revillos
"3 x 3" Lydia Lunch
"Hearse On A Safari" Weird-Ohs
"The Voodoo Curse" Scientist
"The Ghouls" Coffin Nails
"M-Style" The Lords of the New Church
"Dracula Disco" Gerry Bribosia
"Depression" Verne Langdon

“Danse Kalinda Ba Doom” Dr. John
“Bury a friend” Billie Eilish
“I’m a Living Sickness” Calico Wall
“Armageddon” Dogfeet
“Nightmare” The Rats
“Surfin’ Dead” The Cramps
“Halloween Parade” Lou Reed
“Zombies” Childish Gambino
“Alien Orifice” Frank Zappa
“The Spook” Pete Drake

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