The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

Now it's trailing off.  We know.  I wanna take the high road.  You've got to shake it, I wanna shake it.  We work well.  Poisonous garden, venemous blossom, carnivorous orchid are there, in her eyes.  I don't know but she sends me there.  Like this!  Have you heard about this house?  The mirror always knows.  As always, thank you many times over for listening.  And of course, as we like to say for liability purposes, the material contained within is for your sole enjoyment and whoever is in earshot of your speakers.  Available until October 16th.

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i dig your roaring.  we were interpreted by the telephone, you didn't think they were invented then.  don't give him a chance to remove his jacket when he says he's one of the boys.  i watch falling leaves.  don't keep it all to yourself.  you gonna have them all pulled out. i'm taking some things i don't really need.  she'll change the weather.  waiting outside the zoo. there's that house where i use to live. i played like i was a mirror god.  material contained within is for reference purposes only.  thanks for listening. Availble until October 1st.

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Don't be afraid, everything will change while you're asleep. Hope inside my rocket ship. Just a pour man with a heart full of love. And you tell me that your factory has been renewed with computers instead of hands. 1-2-3 red light skipping. Gimme a man after midnight. The only time I'm drink and drug free is when I don't have to pay for what I need. Material contained within is for reference purposes only.  Thanks for listening.  Available until October 1st.

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A tunnel out of the night, turning into another time. Vampire women, whiskey, gin and dice. How am I supposed to get any riding done? Tired, lazy country sounds getting cut off.  Robert Fripp's brother. Commercials during songs. Sensual foreplay. There must be something wrong, boys. Pray like hell when the world explodes. English translation for that title is "A Symphony of Horrors". Material contained within is for reference purposes only.  Thanks for listening. Available until September 17th.

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