The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

Bandages “All Extreme Measures"
Patos Councelors “Free Jazz Complaint”
Raspberry Bulbs “How the Strings Are Pulled"
Shopping “”In Other Words”
No Love “Bad Things”
Chris Spedding “Video Life”
Garland Jeffreys “Wild In The Streets”
The Wipers “Taking Too Long”
Salvia Plath “House of Leaves”
Ultravox “Reap The Wild Wind”
Nick Gilder “Backstreet Noise”
Plastic Penny “She Does”
? & The Mysterians “Girl (You Captivate Me)”
Spooky Tooth “Waitin’ For The Wind”
Smog “Wicked Man”
Mystic Braves “Bright Blue Day Haze”
Allah-Las “No Werewolf”

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Sorry for the delay!!!!

Idris Muhammed “Loran’s Dance”
Ashanti Roy “Hail the Words of Jah”
Jacquelie Taieb “Ce Soir Je M’en Vais”
Aphrodite’s Child “The Lamb”
Popera Cosmic “Etreinte Metromonique”
YS “Introduzione”
Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show “The Dream”
Bruce Ditmas “Yellow”
Eletralane “The Valleys”
Mechanica Popular “La Paz Del Freak”
Broncho “China”
Jay Reatard “Gamma Ray”

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Hawkwind "Urban Guerilla"
Whatever Brains “Coasting"
Guerilla Toss "Ritual in Light"
Toupee "Water Torture"
The Almighty Defenders “The Ghost with The Most”
Diamond Joe “The ABC Song”
Dorothy Ashby “Soul Vibrations”
Inell Young “I’ve Never Considered”
Kraftwerk “Aero-Dynamik”
Zed “The Fremen”
Bill Nelson “False Alarms”
Lee Hazlewood “Stone Cold Blues”
Lafayette Afro Rock Band “Darkest Light”

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