The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

"A Man Buried Alive" Radio Spot
"Monster Mash" Dr. Normal
"Marathon of Fright"
"Graveyard" Butthole Surfers
"Monsters a Go-Go" Radio Spot
"Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary" Radio Spot
"Lament" Zorn
"Trial of the Dead" Radio Spot
"Let There Be Ebola Frost" Soft Pink Truth
"Kara-Kum of Hollywood Mortuary of 18 Living Nightmares"
"Friends of Mine" Duran Duran
"The Crawling Thing Plus The Creature of Evil" Radio Spot
"Halloween Beat" 9th Ward Marching Band
"A Real Dead Body Give Away"
"Monsters Crash the Pajama Party"
"Luspii" Wagner Ödegård
"Young American Mystic Cult of Horrors"
"Cargo Cult" The Gorehounds
"Witch Hunt" The Mob
"The Traitor" Minimal Compact
"Halloween Convention of Spooks"
"Christian Says" Tones On Tail
"Something Weird Sound Effect"

"Ward 81" The Fuzztones
"Dr. Satan and His Shrieks In the Night"
"And You and I" Silver Apples
"Ghostly Sounds"

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Halloween Episode 1 of 2 of 2021, our 25th Halloween Set of all time!

“Spit On Your Grave” Eyedress
“They Always Come In Fall” Coalesce
“Halloween” Phoebe Bridgers
“Halloween” King Diamond
“Horror Business” The Misfits
“Cauldron” Fifty Foot Hose
“Family Evil” Crystal Syphon
“Black Night” Frank Sinatra Jr.
“The Dead Don’t Die Alive” The 4th Coming
“Singing a Single Song of Satan” Nolan Potter
“Theme from the Godfather (extended and slightly creepy SUGO remix)” Professionals

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 Tamba Samba Lajos Pagony
Dhuaan El Michels Affair
The Crossing Salah Ragab
Malaguenas 2 Javier Segura
Ja Ramachandra Alice Coltrane
Sleepy Time Raymond Scott

Contronym Sounds: "Side 1"
-DJ Darwin and the Natural Selectors
-Glass Ticket
-Walker Talking Back
-You Be, You It, Why?
-Old Folk Numerics
-Glass Pass
-Romp Band Practice
-Sister Sunshine
-Magic Chapel Saints
-Digits Ringer
-Play Play Play (Workshop)
“Dark Sunrise” Rikki Ililonga, Musi-O-Tunya
“Fly With The Wind” McCoy Tyner

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“Take Me” George Jones
“Angeles” Cory Hanson
“Psycho” Jack Kittel
“Pretty Girl” Ween
“Another Day Goes Down” Bill Jerpe
“Marino” Jaime Roos, Estela Magnone
“Alone” Matt Berry
“Skull Session” Oliver Nelson

"Nag Nag Nag" Caberet Voltaire


"Murkit Gem" El Michels Affair

"Plastic Thought"Joe Howe

"Words" The Monkees

"No Me Tomorrow" The Wildflower Harbinger Complex Euphoria The Other Side

"Are You Really On Drugs" The Clean

"Monk's Robes" Deradoorian

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