The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

Merry New Year!  See you in 2016!!!

“White Keys” Chilly Gonzales
“Hold On” Ipsissimus
“Poetic Trash” Bully
“Pardon” T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo
“Detour Thru Your Mind” B-52’s
“Bahia” Prince Rama
“Einsam-Lonesome” Malaria
“Brainstorm” Hawkwind
“Chevrolet” Taj Mahal
“Rainbow Chaser” Nirvana
“Passing Us By” The Urges
“Iron Galaxy” Cannibal Ox
“L,irik Necronomicus Kanht” Magma
“Carpets Galore” SCTV

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“It’s Christmas Time” The Qualities
“The Coventry Carol” Douglas Leedy
“Parade of the Wooden Shoulders” Elmer Ihrke
“Toyland” George Wright
“Jingle Bells” !Esquivel!
“Christmas Present Blues” Jimmy Reed
“And Anyway, It’s Christmas” !!!
“Christmas Day” Detroit Junior
“Just Like Christmas” Low
“Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, 3rd Movement” Switch on Bach
“The Christmas Wrong” Evolution Control Committee
“Old Saint Nick Takes a Rockin’ Trip” Rockingham High School Bands
“A Groovy Christmas & New Year” Pee Pee Dynamite
“Merry Christmas Baby” Vernon Garrett with Sir Stan and The Counts
“Jingle Bells” Booker T. & the MG’s
“Christmas Wrapping” The Waitresses

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Blast from the past, two years ago! The first half of your #XXXMASBLITZ Boards of Canada, Kevin Morby, Rothko, Fiery Furnaces, Darlene Love, John Prine, Blowfly, Prince, Run The Jewels, The Stepkids, Sly and the Family Store, John Fahey, Aphex Twin, Bobbie Gentry, Von Sudenfed, Fred Fripp and Matty Zendel.

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First of two holiday themed episodes, featuring:

“‘Zat you, Santa Claus?” Louis Armstrong
“White Christmas” The Drifters
“What Christmas Means To Me” Stevie Wonder
“Mistletoe and Holly” Frank Sinatra
“Run Rudolph Run” Chuck Berry
“Santa Man” Eileen Fulton
“Christmas Bluff” Leoncie
“Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” Nikki French
“The Flaming Church of Baby Jesus” Sheep on Drugs
“Soul Christmas” Count Sidney & His Dukes
“Sleigh Ride” Ying Yang Twins
“My First Christmas (As A Woman)” The Vandals
“Stone Soul Christmas” Binky Griptite
“Waitin’ for the Wagon” Cactus Jim & the Wranglers
“O Little Town of Deathleham” Killdozer
“Merry Christmas My Love” Rosko
“Silent Night” Can

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“Casey Tatum Montage” Tim & Eric
“Pandemonium” Birth Control
“La Dusseldorf” La Dusseldorf
“Prologue/Tour De France” Kraftwerk
“Suzuki” Zack Mexico
“Siin” Habibi
“Pure Hate” Poison Idea
“Livin’ In My Dream” Taco
“Window Shades” U.S.Girls
“No Lite” Blanck Mass
“Look In Your eyes” Scott McKenzie
“Break the Ice at Parties” Tesco Bombers
“Way Too Stoned” The Blank Tapes
“A Different Ship” Here We Go Magic

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“Where Were You” The Mekons
“There But for the Grace of God Go I” The Gories
a little Herbie Hancock interlude...
“Burning Photographs” Chad VanGaalen
“Coney Island Street Meat” Des Ark
“Fanfare Dub” Mad Professor and Prince Fatty
“Grief” Modern English
“I Confess” The English Beat
“Cool Dadio” R. Stevie Moore
“Stella was a diver and she’s always Down” Interpol
“You Won’t Be The Same” Toy
“T.V.O.D” The Normal
“Mad Mad Judy” The Buzzcocks
“Monkey” Family Fodder
“All Extreme Measures” Bandages
“Afc!” Repellents
“Punk Innit” Conflict
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“My House” Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
“Non Retour” Mecanique Vegetale
“Mirror on the Wall” Tripod Jimmy
“Damn That Valley” US Girls
"Blackboard Jungle Dub” Upsetters w/ LSP

“Never Gonna Give You Up” Jerry Butler
“Drop Down Mama” Tom Rush
“If You’re Going to the City” Mose Allison
“Out and In” The Moody Blues

"You Can Have Him” The Cake
“Je Danse Donc Je Suis” Brigitte Bardot
“The People In Me” The Music Machine
“Boo Hoo” Natural Causes
“Ectome” Ashrea Fax

“Duplex Planet” Deerhunter
“Long Highway” The Soundcarriers
“Yang Yang” Anika

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Accidentals (Work and Non Work)
Pendulum (Ha Ha Sound)
Look Outside (The Noise Made By People)
Illumination (Future Crayon)
Subject to the Ladder (Tender Buttons)
Michael A Grammar (Tender Buttons, KCRW 1.25.06)
America’s Boy (Tender Buttons)
Before We Begin (Ha Ha Sound)
Come On Let’s Go (Noise Made By People)
Black Cat (Tender Buttons, KCRW 1.25.06)
The Be Colony (and the Focus Group…)
Unchanging Window/Chord Simple (Future Crayon)
The Book Lovers (Work and Non Work)
Ominous Cloud (Ha Ha Sound)
In Here The World Begins (Mother is the Milky Way)
Papercuts (Noise Made By People)
Man is Not a Bird (Ha Ha Sound)
Echo’s Answer (Noise Made By People)
Ritual/Looking In (and the Focus Group….)
I Found the F/I Found the End (Tender Buttons)
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10th Halloween Episode!

Jerry Goldsmith, Santana, John Carpenter, Sexwitch, The Hollies, Thurl Ravenscroft - excerpt from The Haunted Mansion, Death In June, Helios Creed, Fang, more Thurl Ravenscroft, Myrkur, frank stein goes fishing, gets shot on the boat dock, The Stems, Sons of the Pioneers, Whodini, Hal Blaine, Frankie Stein, The Mystrys, The Phantom Surfers, The Cramps

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In the tradition of episodes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 58, 59 and 60...we bring you our 9th Halloween special, Episode 99.

Verne Landon (Phantom of the Organ), Blanck Mass, Harry Lubin, The Soft Pink Truth, Frankie Stein and His Ghouls, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, The Specials, Rockwell, The Spiders, The Cramps, Death SS, Boyd Rice and Friends, Death, Discharge and Christian Death.  Stay tuned for our 10th installment, Episode 101!
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Giving it the old college try (again) this week with OMD, Jonti, Andre Touissant, Anamar, The Vogues, 7 Seconds, Aerosmith, Cat Power, Black Lips, Amon Duul II, The Rabble, The Clean, Clinic, Television, Tony Molina, Paint Fumes and Antibalas.  Thanks for listening!

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This week we have The Who, The Soundcarriers, Mandrake Paddle Steamer, Lower Dens. The Olsen Twins, Neil Diamond, Ashrae Fox, Nurse With Wound, Ladytron, Roedelius, The National, Jaques Dutronc, The Queers, Roedelius, Jazzhole, David Bowie and The Bevis Frond. Hooray!

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97.  Inching ever so closer to that platinum mark...or gold?  Diamond?  Oh well, fuck it.  The mp3 we have for you today has the likes of Guerrilla Toss, French Frith Kaiser Thompson, Madness, The Jam, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue, The Abigails, David Bowie, The Bats, McDonald & Giles, Hal Blaine, Ken Nordine, Blue Cheer, The Impressions, Aguaturbia and Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids.  Dig it!

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Hope you all had a great Hopsctoch weekend (if applicable).  Here's some jams to take you into this upcoming weekend...Ethyl Meatplow, Nina Hagan, Studio One Bands, Stevie Wonder, Entertainers IV, Shirley & Lee, The Godsin Brothers w/ Gene Clark, Talking Beaver, Kendrick Lamar, Institut, Tubeway Army, Schlammpietzeiger-Thomas Mahmoud, Bill Withers, Turn This Road and Mr. Bobby Day! 

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Kick off the Hopscotch weekend with the likes of Miles Davis, Zapp, Cymande, Motley Crue, L7, The Lords of the New Church, CRIME, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Bonzo Dog Band, Rae Sremmurd, Mark Lindsay and The Flirts!  Nick will be spinning at Foundation during the festival.  Vince will be holding it down Friday and Saturday night at Capital Club 16.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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You've been waiting for it...and here it is.  Episode 94, featuring the likes of The Raspberry Bulbs, Athleticospizz 80, Gabber Piet, Useless Eaters, Disorder, Fear, Steve Treatment, Brian Eno, Atomic Forest, Pet Shop Boys, Regal Degal, Phillip Glass, Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, Biff Rose, Royal Headache, Richard Hell and The Voidoids and Palehound.

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Once more...with feeling!  Re-issue monday in full effect here at S.U.G.O.

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Just realized we are at the end of the month and we have all this space to use up before we are archived.  Hope you are not bored by a barrage of re-issues today.  It is much needed.  And again, we have a new episode in the queue for this week.  Stay tuned!

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Hey, sorry again for being late, sorry again for reposting an old one, but its a good one, we promise!  And we will have new episodes up this week, we promise!

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Hey, old episode means two things.  1.  Its flashback Friday.  2.  We have no new shit for you.  But fear not, as you've probably not heard this old gem in a while, or even, at all!  Burt Williams, Thinking Fellers Union Local 242, DIIV, The Chameleons UK, The Monochrome Set, Buffy Saint-Marie, Michael Nesmith, Beach Fossils, Grass Widow, R.E.M., Pisces, Lovely Little Girls, Skeleton Crew, Ronaldo and The Loaf (The Residents and Snakefinger), Bob Dylan and The Kinks.  Have a swell ass weekend everybody!

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Sorry for being late, we partied too hard this week.  At last, hear the voluminous sounds of Kenny Knight, The Kinks, EZTV, Deep Purple, Cybotron, Poison Clan, ESG, Thundercat + Eric Andre, Big Audio Dynamite, The Shirts, Parliament, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Joe Tex, The Beach Boys, John Cale and The Syn.  Next week we'll have a flashback or two for you.  Enjoy!

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Well well, here you are again.  This week we have Ultra Hal Al Chatbox talks with another Ultra Hal Al Chatbox, The Gun Club, Institute, 100 Flowers, Toupee, Stoned Mace, The Lava Children, Owen Maercks, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Elton John, Powder, Clan of Xymox, Caroline Munro and Gary Numan, Freur, Psychedelic Furs, Phantom Limbs and Jakob Scott.  Enjoy, and stay out of the weeds if you can!

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Happy National Hot Dog Day!  Chow down with Well Curated Man interprets Hieronymus Bosch, Connie Francis, Jenny Hval, Smokey, Merrell Fankhouser and the HMS Bounty, October Country, Daughters of Albion, Mystic Astrological Crystal Band, The Outsiders, Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles, Los Chakas, Creepoid, The Stranglers, Dungen and Sid Bass as Moog Espana!

Direct download: SUGO_No._91.mp3
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We humbly present our 2nd episode recorded at Nice Price Books in Raleigh with co-owner Enoch Marchant!  Jams from Gary Glitter, Rema Rema, Adam and the Ants, 100 Flowers, Lowell Yoder, Bos Lind, Sonny and the Sunsets, Aye Aye, Purling Hiss, Bits of Shit, The Stabs, Lucifer's Friend, Creatures of the Golden Dawn and Rufus Thomas all rolled into one jammy episode.

Next week we are back to reposting old shit for the archives and new episodes with just our old selves.  And stay tuned for information on our next RRE!

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Our first of two episodes recorded at Nice Price Books in Raleigh with co-owner Enoch Marchant!  You'll hear the sounds of Jimmy Smith, The Parasites, The Crumbs, Knucklehed, Clarence Carter, Roy Orbison, Randy Newman, The Band, John Prine, Vince Matthews and Jim Casey, Guantanimo Bay Watch, Will Butler, 13th Floor Elevators, The Troggs, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Tommy James and the Shondells.  Enjoy!

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Kraftwerk, Funkandevil, Pigbag, Velvet Monkeys, Blue Basket, Dan Melchior's Broke Revue, Giles Giles and Fripp, Lonnie Mack, The Ventures, Contact Microfiend Orchest, Brenda Ray, Souixsie and The Banshees, Madvillain, Gorillaz, Roxy Music and Bruce Haack!

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Another reboot for your archives.  Enjoy!

Direct download: SUGO_No_16.mp3
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Summer is officially here and we are officially on break.  While we process the documents from our most recent RRE at Nice Price Books, enjoy those old reboots.  More rebooting to come.  Enjoy!

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And now, we bring you the third and final installment of our session at Sorry State Records, featuring Daniel Lupton! Cannonball Adderly, Yowie, Butthole Surfers, Prince Rama, Inquisition, Spike In Vain, Mystic Inane, Major Accident, Johnny Moped, The Stranglers, Alter Boys, The Only Ones, X, The Kids, Saccharine Trust, The Police, Circle Jerks and Alternative TV.

Gonna take a little summer break and repost some oldies for the next week or two. After that, we'll be back with some freshies, including our RRE at Nice Price Books, which is going down this weekend!  Stay cool!

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This week we bring you the second installment of our session at Sorry State Records, featuring Jeff (last name N/A)! The Rivieras, The Paupers, Tortoise & The Ex, Coward, No Side, Die, Heritice, Totalitar, The Impalers, Natural Law, Crean, Deathside, Pierre Armania (sp?), Goverment Issue, Jawbox, The Cure, The Left Banke, Ama Dots, Devo, Nervous Germans and XTC.

Direct download: SUGO_No._87.mp3
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Behold the first installment of our session at Sorry State Records, featuring Seth Beard!  The Talbot Brothers, Dawn of Humans, Purling Hiss, Rema Rema, Ruby and Her Party Gang, Syndicate of Sound, King Khan and the BBQ Show, Arthur Brown, Music Machine, Zakary Thaks, The Cigarettes, Spizz Energi, The Misfits, Lost Sounds, Question Mark and the Mysterians, The Damned, Spazz, King Tubby and The Trashmen!

Direct download: SUGO_No._86.mp3
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This week we bring you tunes from L’uomo Nello Spazio, The Residents, Kevin Ayers, Alien City, The Letter People, Darrow Fletcher, 2Pac, Ohio Players, Black Devil Disco Club, Lene Lovitch, Max Graef & Mic Newman Pres Real Dubz, Songs Ohia, Sarah Bethe Nelson and Stan Getz.

Direct download: SUGO_No._85.mp3
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Diplo & Grandtheft Rihanna remix, William DeVaughn, Inter-Circle, The Impressions, Obnox, Swollen Monkeys, Pataphysics, Inflatable Boy Clam, Nervous Gender, Peter Hammill, Carbonas, The Raveins, Clorox Girls, Knoll Allen & The Noble Savages, Downtown Boys, Hilary and Pop Will Eat Itself!  See you at Sorry State on Saturday, May 30th!

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This week we bring you selections by Steven Wright, Specimen, Christian Death, Alien Sex Friend, Happy Mondays, LaVern Baker, The Emeralds, Abner Jay, James Bonds And The Agents, The Robins, The Honeys, The Zombies, People, The Move, SMOG, Bobby Moore And The Aces and Lower Dens.  Enjoy!

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We finally made an episode full of long, long songs.  Grateful Dead, Yes, Oneohtrix Point Never, The Stranglers, Maso and Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Research Arkestra are the lucky few who bring you this episode of epic proportions.  Enjoy!


Direct download: SUGO_No._82.mp3
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New jams this week featuring Big Stick, Funkadelic, Sleaford Mods, Mahjongg, Cold Crush, Polyester, 13th Floor Elevators, Omar Korshid, King Crimson, Syl Johnson, Mystic Moods Orchestra, Creation Rebel and Sun Palace.  

Direct download: SUGO_No._81.mp3
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This week its....Husker Du, Medium Medium, Gang of Four, The Slits, Boards of Canada, The Fall, Flipper, Necros, The Weirdos, The Dickies, Jennifer Gentle, Wand, The Only Ones, Joe Tex, Clint Holmes, Helios Creed, Total Control and PC Worship.  Enjoy!

Direct download: SUGO_No._80.mp3
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This week we bring you Gomer singing with the hippys, Mystic Moods Orchestra, Doll Parts, Holger Czukay, The Lounge Lizards, Marvin Gaye, Golden Echoes, The Drifters, DJ Uncle Al, DJ Madness, Ta Mara & The Seen, George McCrae, Creations Unlimited, and The Martinis!

Direct download: SUGO_No._79.mp3
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Sparks, Mikal Cronin, Eat Skull, Deerhunter, The Shitty Limits, The Rabble, The Cardiacs, The Spits, Lydia Lunch, Village People, The Melvins, Effi Briest, Scott Walker, James Brown, Andres Simone, Jonti and Dick Hyman.

Direct download: SUGO_No_04.mp3
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This week we listened to Negro Prison Songs recorded by Alan Lomax, Kyuss, Swami John Reis, The Cyrkle, Sparks, Tin Tin, Alex Harvey Band, Sweet, Bubble Puppy, Sibylie Baier, Tommy James and the Shondells, Ricky Allen, Badfinger, Nick Lowe, Tangerine Dream, Letha Rodman Melchior, Hawklords, Alceu Valenca with more interludes provided by Music Out of the Moon.  Enjoy!

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Spring it is here, damn it! Jams for this installment provided to you by Godspell, Sagittarius, Lacewing, Peter Ivers Band with Yolande Bavan, The Jaggerz, La Luz, Deep Purple, Endless Bummer, Cheech and Chong, Tartu Popi ja Roki Institut, Soft Cell, Vernon Frazer, Al Green, The Originals, Linda Jones and back-checking courtesy of Music Out of The Moon.  Spring forward, like right now!

Direct download: SUGO_No._77.mp3
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We got a late start this week, so catch up with Bjorn Torske, Louis Prima, Universal Togetherness Band, Hot Pepper, 1980's, Scars, The Nuns, Fad Gadget,  Visage, Baby Huey, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, The Pac-Keys, Gorillaz, Preservation Hall Jazz Band and a tune from the Mighty Boosh, featuring the one and only Old Gregg and his famous downstairs mix-up.

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Its our golden episode!  Well, its just a number.  Speaking of numbers, the ones you'll find in this episode are performed by Mustafio, Black Sabbath, Davidians, Parabellum, Young Holt Unlimited,Bastro, Rodriguez, Electric Light Orchestra, Leo Kottke, Gong, Pretty Things, Apple Pie, Homeshake, Deep Time, LH and The Memphis Sound and Ozzy Osborne.  Enjoy!

Direct download: SUGO_No._75.mp3
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This week we bring you Jefferson Airplane, Captain Beyond, Aaron Neville, Lee Dorsey, Lionel Robinson, The Cars (again), John Cale, Fred Frith, Alvvays, Emmylou Harris, Crosby and Nash, Father John Misty, Konono No. 9, an excerpt from the British comedy "Of Luxury", Electric Prunes, Dinner, and the (sensually synthy) Sounds of Love, A to Z.

Direct download: SUGO_No._74.mp3
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Our little tribute to love love love with the likes of Martin Denny, Sun Ra, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Cocteau Twins featuring Harold Budd, The Cure, Lewis, Bjork, The Cars, Donna Summer, Os Mutantes, Roxy Music, When In Rome, Led Zeppelin, The Delfonics, Ike and Tina and Aretha Franklin.

Direct download: SUGO_No._73.mp3
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Time to jam out with Nathan Golub, Parquet Courts, New Boss, Jessica Pratt, Carl Smith, Serengheti, Stereolab, Q Bert, Tim Maia, The Lancasters, The Runaways, Cat Stevens, Hawkwind, Robert Rental, MX-80 Sound, Valparai and Ahmad Jamal.

Direct download: SUGO_No._72.mp3
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Another set of new jams featuring the following artist: (brand new)Funkadelic, Kaylan, Manu Dibango, Marmalade, The Advisory Circle, Steppenwolf, Menace Beach, The Vibrators, Kim Fowley, Bongwater, Spirit, Diplo and Ahmad Jamal. Enjoy it thoroughly!

Direct download: SUGO_No._71.mp3
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Welcome, faithful listeners!  This week we have Onra, Elvis Costello, Nektar, The Cult, a little turntable trickery, The Mighty Hannibal, Violence Conjugal, Tom and Jerry's "Rockets", Soundwaves, Stiff Little Fingers, Winston's Fumbs, Seatrain, Sun Ra, The GTOs, Adam and the Ants, The Chefs and The Damned.  Enjoy and share with the entire world!

Direct download: SUGO_No._70.mp3
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This week its Ryuichi Sakamoto, Loop, Wevie Stonder, D'Angelo, Grace Jones, Steeleye Span, Magazine, Ryler Walker, The Leopards, Skyline and INXS. Enjoy!

Direct download: SUGO_No._69.mp3
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This episode features the likes of Quicksilver Messenger Silver, Father John Misty, Motion Man, Total Control, Nora Guthrie, The Number Ones, The Vindictives, Nots, Car Sick Cars, Juanita and the Uglies and the Buddy Scott Trio.  A piece of hot meat for you!

Direct download: SUGO_No._68.mp3
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