The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

“Jesus Was Way Cool” King Missile
“As I Wander” Bill Callahan
“Castle In The Clouds” Cut Worms
“Buddhist for a Couple Days” Dougie Poole
“Flying Saucer Safari” Suburban Lawns
“Walk One (IV - Concrete Reprise)” Silver Scrolls
“Televised Mind” Fontaines D.C.
“Dozing” Billdozer
“Ship In A Bottle” Brian Eno

"La Femme" Alan Goraguer
"Bonnie" Blue Chemise
"Fire" The Wind Harp
"Madeleine Au Puits" Francois Ribac
"Das Licht (Part 1)" Im Staub der Sterne
"Octagonal Room" Salami Rose Joe Louis
"I Talk To the Trees" Martin Denny
"Super Zodiac" The Comet is Coming
"Defense de Stationner" Ennio Morricone
"Hii Lawe" Artur Lyman

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Halloween Episode II

Various Howlin' Halloween
"Blood Blood Blood" Snowy Red
"See You In The Boneyard" The Flesheaters
"Graveyard Groove" Revillos
"3 x 3" Lydia Lunch
"Hearse On A Safari" Weird-Ohs
"The Voodoo Curse" Scientist
"The Ghouls" Coffin Nails
"M-Style" The Lords of the New Church
"Dracula Disco" Gerry Bribosia
"Depression" Verne Langdon

“Danse Kalinda Ba Doom” Dr. John
“Bury a friend” Billie Eilish
“I’m a Living Sickness” Calico Wall
“Armageddon” Dogfeet
“Nightmare” The Rats
“Surfin’ Dead” The Cramps
“Halloween Parade” Lou Reed
“Zombies” Childish Gambino
“Alien Orifice” Frank Zappa
“The Spook” Pete Drake

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2020 Halloween Episode I

“Suicide Ghost” James Newton Howard
“Spider Web Blues” Victoria Spivey
“I Want To Be Evil” Earth Kitt
“Zombified” Southern Culture On The Skids
“Friday 13th” Atomic Rooster
“Graveyard Blues” John Lee Hooker
“The Magician” Alfred Hitchcock
“I Love The Dead” Alice Cooper
“Halloween” Sonic Youth
“Experiment in Terror” Henry Mancini

Various Tracks Sounds to Make You Shiver
"The Last Race" from Death Proof Soundtrack Jack Nitzsche
"Uber Skull" Danzig
"Satan's Curse" The Possessed
Various Tracks Sounds to Make You Shiver
"Exorcising the Evil Spirits from the Pentagon (excerpt)" The Fugs
"Ghost Party" Messer Chups
"Werewolves on Wheels (End Theme) Werewolves On Wheels Soundtrack Don Gere
"Exorcising the Evil Spirits from the Pentagon (excerpt)" The Fugs
"The Ghost" Suzanne Menzel
"Strangulation" Die Form
"The Dead Come Alive" Nena Cherry and Circuit
"Exorcising the Evil Spirits from the Pentagon (excerpt)" The Fugs
"The Devil's Love" Verne Langdon

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Sometime Ago" The Lemon Drops
"Right Now for You" Al Kooper
"Patti's Dream" Kennelmus
"Hold Tight!" Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
"Bottom of the Soul" The Bonniwell Music Machine
"Fire By The River" Harumi
"Watch Your Step" Giant Crab
Vox Commercial The Electric Prunes
"Celestial Empire" Dragonfly
"What Grows On Your Head" Lothar and the Hand People
"You Got Love" Professor Morrison's Lollipop
"Fruit & Iceburgs" Randy Holden

“Besame Mucho” Connie Francis
“Aqule Som” Boogarins
“Geninha” Bango
“Hit My Phone” Megan Thee Stallion feat. Kehlani
“1800-One-Night” Teyana Taylor
“Refractions” Bobbie Gentry
“Saudade” Ana Frango Eletrico
“Maybe This Time” Alice Clark
“Cuff Link” Wings
“It Couldn’t Be True” Parsnip
“Riot” Hugh Masakela

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“Tanger” Apryl Fools
“Zealous Child” Badge Epoque Ensemble, Dorothea Paas
“Meet De Boys On The Battlefront” The Wild Tchoupitoulas
“Ta Fardah” Paint
“Sharon” David Bromberg
“Life Advice” The Cool Greenhouses
“Toonie” DIAT
“Feelgood By Numbers” The Go! Team

"Six Little Synthesizers" Man Parrish
"A Series of Bad Decsions" Betonkust, Palmbomen II
"Sex Machine" The Flying Lizards
"ZOOT KOOK" Sandii
"Second Coming" The Fibonaccis

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"Knights of the Blue Communion" Peter Ivers' Band
"Much Too Soon" The Open Window
"Words Unspoken" Supertramp
"Cirrus Minor" Pink Floyd
"The Furthest Point" Spirogyra
"2 Hb" Roxy Music

“I Do What I Want” Irma Vep
“Pulsar” Flaming Youth
“Pulsating Dream” Kaleidoscope
“Le La Loo Loo Le La” Pazop
“Crazy Town” Superfine Dandelion
“Sipping’ and Trippin’” The Animated Egg
“Through Eyes and Glass” Ann Wilson and The Daybreaks
“Generation” The Jelly Bean Bandits
“Every Little Song” The Savage Resurrection
“I’m Not Alone” The David
“Our Power (Live at Sunrise Studios)” Kedama

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“Sat By A Tree” Dan Deacon
“Machine” Primo!
“You You” Malaria!
“Grip” Animal Magic
“Do You Know the Way to Sane Jose (Take 15)” Vince Guaraldi
“You Make Me Sick” Satan’s Rats
“This Is A Picture” Shellac
“I Might Just Crack” The Makers
“House of Suffering” Bad Brains
“Dreamworld” The Cowboy
“Dress” PJ Harvey

"Samsara" Anasazi
"Schwall" Aus
"Tyhjyyden saramentti" Oranssi Pazuzu
"Catapillars" Ayumi Ishioto
"R.E.S." The Cardiacs
"Bella Bella" Shiva

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"Enter" Cybotron
"Toi" Constance Chlore
"Traffic Control" DJ Hank
"Jheri Curl" The Du-Rites
"Mujer" Joe Battan
"Clairice" Caetano Veloso
"Autrefois (J'ai Aime Une Femme)" The New Wave
"El Alma En Los Labios" Enrique Ascencio

“Fear Song” Rose City Band
“Lost In A Daydream” The Third Power
“Five Six” Al Manfredi
“Moses” Antique Sorcery
“Alice Designs” Tandyn Almer
“Grease of Freedom” Broadfield Marchers
“Buchanan Hammer” Los Tones
“De Sol a Sol” Serguei

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“Immortal Tortoise” ORB
“Emotional Devotion Creator” Peel Dream Magazine
“I Kissed The Girl From Out Space” Arthur Russell
“Pressure to Party” Julia Jacklin
“Dolls in the Dark” Drab Majesty
“When The Curtain Calls for You” Jonathan Fire Eater

"Dark Rooms" DA!
"Strohmann" Rikki
"This Island Earth" Bryan Ferry
"Jet Set" Mythos
"Lucifer Stand" Cindy Lee
"Flores Negras" Enrique Ascencio

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"Wheels of Time"-Nektar
"Remember The Future"-Nektar
"Nie jestes cisza"-Czerwone Gitary
"Aurora"-Tonto's Self Expanding Head Band
"Die Hohepriesterin"-Walter Wegmuller
"La Danse Des Meduses"-Dominique Guiot
“Who’s the Man? (With the Master Plan)” The Kay Gees
“Two Sisters of Mystery” Mandrill
“Alibi Annie” Trifle
“Jezahel” Shirley Bassey
“La Vida” Ralfi Pagan
“Definition” Black Star
“Rip It Up” Little Richard
“Don’t Die” Killer Mike
“Ghost Hands” Lord Echo

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“Message from a Black Man” The Whatnauts
“Ready Teddy” Little Richard
“Home is Where the Hatred Is” Gil Scott-Heron
“Wasteland” Tierra Whack
“Pleasure Principle” Parlet
“Last Sniff” Wilma Archer, MF Doom
“Ashley’s Roachclip” The Soul Searchers
“Gerne” Roedelius

"Something Children Can Do" Byrd Lancaster

"Enlightenment" Sun Ra

"Charade" Johnny Hartman

"Why Did I Choose You" Marvin Gaye

"Someone To Treat Me (The Way That You Used To)" The De Vons

"Coffin For The Head Of State (Part 1 & Part 2)" Fela Kuti

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“Arana de Vidrio” Leandro Fresco
“Straight Line Floating in The Sky” Masahiro Sugaya
“Journey To Satchidananda” Alice Coltrane
“School of Design” Tiny Ruins
“Let’s All Watch The Sky Fall Down” Andromeda
“In Your Head” Nilufer Yanya
“Film 2” Grauzone
“The Art of Conversation” Red Zebra
“Love Like Anthrax” Gang of Four
“Euroshima (Wardance) Snowy Red
“Lou” L’Epee
“Eternal Shore” Moon Duo
“Seven Eight” Ghost Funk Orchestra
“The Night Terrors - Saint Etienne Mix” Matt Berry

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"De l’Orient a l’Orion” RK Nagati
“Nature” Modern Nature
“Around the World In Eighty Days” Stray
“SAY” White Denim
“Guts” Budgie
“Turkish Tram Conductor Blues” The Move
“Ferryboat of the Mind” Clinic
“Fan Fiction” The Birthmarks
“Flying” Three Man Army
“Guitar Peace” Billy Stringså
“Precious Little Diamond” Fox the Fox
“Gimme A Uniform” Captain Sensible
“Teenager” Lio
“La Rosa” Yukihiro Takahashi
“Egret” Euglossine
“Borogoves (excerpt from Part 2)” National Health

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