The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

"Rain" Charlie Feathers
"Broke" Chuck Higgins
"Johnny Little" Chris Kenner
"Thing Do THe Creep" JR. an His Soulettes
"Cumbia Del Relicario" Meridian Brothers
"Kunta Kinte Dub" The Revelutionaries
"Stratavarious" Kraftwerk

“Join In The Chant” Nitzer Ebb
“Witch Hunt” The Mob
“Written Story” Sort Sol
“Volume Control” Stiffs
“R.A.F.” Sods
“Reality” Chron Gen
“Black Sheep” Nihilistics
“Banned From The Pubs” Peter & The Test Tube Babies
“Forest Fire” Dead Kennedys
“Kings Cross” Charge
“Alar Alar” Camera

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“Purple” Bill Stone
“At Your Leisure” Sarah Mary Chadwick
“Monk’s Robes” Deradoorian
“Deeper Shade” Jon McKiel
“Changes, Pts. 1 & 2.” Neal Francis
“The Call” Madlib
“Gee-Gee” Calvin Keys

"The Garden (Part I)" excerpt Cathedral
"Grundrect" Der Plan
"Mellodrama 2a" Et Cetera
"Bang" Goat Girl
"Budonian Knight" The Budos Band
"Left Out In The Cold" Sparks
"Rock 'N Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)" Terry Jacks
"Taboo Tu" Terry Jacks

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