The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince
“Where Were You” The Mekons
“There But for the Grace of God Go I” The Gories
a little Herbie Hancock interlude...
“Burning Photographs” Chad VanGaalen
“Coney Island Street Meat” Des Ark
“Fanfare Dub” Mad Professor and Prince Fatty
“Grief” Modern English
“I Confess” The English Beat
“Cool Dadio” R. Stevie Moore
“Stella was a diver and she’s always Down” Interpol
“You Won’t Be The Same” Toy
“T.V.O.D” The Normal
“Mad Mad Judy” The Buzzcocks
“Monkey” Family Fodder
“All Extreme Measures” Bandages
“Afc!” Repellents
“Punk Innit” Conflict
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“My House” Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
“Non Retour” Mecanique Vegetale
“Mirror on the Wall” Tripod Jimmy
“Damn That Valley” US Girls
"Blackboard Jungle Dub” Upsetters w/ LSP

“Never Gonna Give You Up” Jerry Butler
“Drop Down Mama” Tom Rush
“If You’re Going to the City” Mose Allison
“Out and In” The Moody Blues

"You Can Have Him” The Cake
“Je Danse Donc Je Suis” Brigitte Bardot
“The People In Me” The Music Machine
“Boo Hoo” Natural Causes
“Ectome” Ashrea Fax

“Duplex Planet” Deerhunter
“Long Highway” The Soundcarriers
“Yang Yang” Anika

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Accidentals (Work and Non Work)
Pendulum (Ha Ha Sound)
Look Outside (The Noise Made By People)
Illumination (Future Crayon)
Subject to the Ladder (Tender Buttons)
Michael A Grammar (Tender Buttons, KCRW 1.25.06)
America’s Boy (Tender Buttons)
Before We Begin (Ha Ha Sound)
Come On Let’s Go (Noise Made By People)
Black Cat (Tender Buttons, KCRW 1.25.06)
The Be Colony (and the Focus Group…)
Unchanging Window/Chord Simple (Future Crayon)
The Book Lovers (Work and Non Work)
Ominous Cloud (Ha Ha Sound)
In Here The World Begins (Mother is the Milky Way)
Papercuts (Noise Made By People)
Man is Not a Bird (Ha Ha Sound)
Echo’s Answer (Noise Made By People)
Ritual/Looking In (and the Focus Group….)
I Found the F/I Found the End (Tender Buttons)
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