The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

"Rain" Charlie Feathers
"Broke" Chuck Higgins
"Johnny Little" Chris Kenner
"Thing Do THe Creep" JR. an His Soulettes
"Cumbia Del Relicario" Meridian Brothers
"Kunta Kinte Dub" The Revelutionaries
"Stratavarious" Kraftwerk

“Join In The Chant” Nitzer Ebb
“Witch Hunt” The Mob
“Written Story” Sort Sol
“Volume Control” Stiffs
“R.A.F.” Sods
“Reality” Chron Gen
“Black Sheep” Nihilistics
“Banned From The Pubs” Peter & The Test Tube Babies
“Forest Fire” Dead Kennedys
“Kings Cross” Charge
“Alar Alar” Camera

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“Purple” Bill Stone
“At Your Leisure” Sarah Mary Chadwick
“Monk’s Robes” Deradoorian
“Deeper Shade” Jon McKiel
“Changes, Pts. 1 & 2.” Neal Francis
“The Call” Madlib
“Gee-Gee” Calvin Keys

"The Garden (Part I)" excerpt Cathedral
"Grundrect" Der Plan
"Mellodrama 2a" Et Cetera
"Bang" Goat Girl
"Budonian Knight" The Budos Band
"Left Out In The Cold" Sparks
"Rock 'N Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)" Terry Jacks
"Taboo Tu" Terry Jacks

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"Clones(We All Are)" Alice Cooper
"Spectral Mornings" Steve Hackett
"The Flight of Yuri Garrin" A Flock of Seagulls
"Fin Du Temps?" Art Of Noise
"a room full of strangers" Frank Pahl, Klimperei
"Atlantis' Tuxedomoon

“Somnambulant” Felbm
“Let It In” Heather Trost
“La Cumbia Sampuesana” Abelardo Carbono, Meridian Brothers
“Another Sunset” Benny Yurco
“Un jour ou l’autre” Juniore
“Conquistadores” Chico Hamilton
“Fossil, Oregon” Raymond Richards

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“Out of My Head” Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters
“Last Cloud Home” Orange Bicycle
“I Can’t Make A Friend” Vagrants
“Mist Eye” Iron Claw
“Peanuts” Yard Act
“Al Sur” The Notwist
“Grey Zone” The Fog
“Celadon & Gold” Maggie Rogers
“You’re Only You” Little Barrie, Malcolm Catto
“Clair De Lune” Claude Debussy

"Monsters" Sault
"Love Is All" Alan Parker, Madeline Bell
"Breakin' Up A Happy Home" Dusty Springfield
"I Love You So Much" Sugar Pie DeSanto
"Shortest Lady" Deborah Washington & the Astros
"The Grover" Workerz
Live Concert Recording in Argentina Nana and Augustin Pereyra Lucena

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"Vse Budto Son" Morwan
"The Voice of Q" Q
"Follow Me" Amanda Lear
"Runaway" The Twins
"It's Not Me Talking" Remix A Flock Of Seagulls
"We Are The One" The Avengers
"With Us" Mothers Ruin
"Your Life" Konk

“Got That Feeling” Bolder Dam
“Sitting Here On A Tongue” The Grodeck Whipperjenny
“Bang” Goat Girl
“Wherever You Go” The Avalanches
“Stay Away From Me” The Sylvers
“I Want a Break Thru” The Hykkers
“Used To Think” Casper Clausen
“Build a Small Fire” Plone

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“Another Plan” Mosses
“Tight A$” John Lennon
“Armageddon” Dogfeet
“Small Axe” The Wailers
“Me and Mr. Hohner” Bobby Darin
“Moon and Eyes Song” Creepy John Thomas
“Apparition of the Virgin Mary in My Neighborhood” Godcaster
“Late Melody” D Town Brass

"Tenderly" Eric Dolphy
"Illusion" Norma Tenega
"Skylight" Sun Ra
"Some Smoke" Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd
"Generative Lounge" Brian Eno

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 Irma Thomas-Ruler of My Heart
John Kasandra-(What's Under) The Natural Do
Magic Sam-Looking Good
Lonnie the Cat-I Ain't Drunk
Screamin' Jay Hawkins-Ain't Nobodys Business
Harvey Averne Barrio Band-Cucaraca Macara
Lee Fields-Steam Train
Sucy Lady-SUgar High (T-Groove Remix)
Jackie Mittoo-Stereo Freak
Alley Alley” Sight & Sound
“A Tradicao” Boogarins
“Love and Freedom” Keith Mlevhu
“Stretch (12” Version) Maximum Joy
“Six Hip Princes” Nikki Sudden
“Shots Fired” Megan Thee Stallion
“Little Bird” Ghost Funk Orchestra
“Ulla Dulla” Traffik Island
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“Eruption / Atomic Punk” Van Halen
“Dreary Nonsense” Osees
“Maggie” Alien Nosejob
“Activate” Frankie and the Witch Fingers
“Wait Till The Stars Burn” King Khan
“Dead Rider” Sam Cohen
“Serve to Serve Again” Vintage Crop
“Ayeo” The Running Jumping Standing Still Band
“Ao Redor Do Samba” Azymuth, Ali Shaheed Muhammend

Easly Blackwood-18 Notes
Max der Wardener- Amber
Bruce Brubaker and Max Cooper-Metamorphosis
Plone-Day Trip
Ryuchi Sakamoto-The End of Asia
Aphex Twin-On Side Three of Ambient Works II

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 The Moon-Never Mine
Happy End-Recall The Enemy Tanatos!
The Mandrake Memorial-Witness The End/Celebration
Ultimate Spinach-Sacrifice of the Moon
Wapassou-Messe En Re Mineur
Jimmy Hotz-Observations of a Larger Reality

“Salvation Army Band / About Her Eyes” Jerry Jeff Walker
“I Owe Money All Over Town” Blues Lawyer
“Abolish Government/Silent Majority” T.S.O.L.
“Malice Men” Terry
“Do You Understand?” En Attendant Ana
“No Escape” Wayne Graham
“Sandra (When the Earth Dies)” White Fence
“Two Timer” Lee Fields
“Chercherz La Ghost” Orions Belte
“The Empty Boat” Caetano Veloso
“Spacing Out” The Invaders
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