The S.U.G.O. Radio podcast with Nick and Vince

Hey All.

Since we upgraded our storage and Libsyn now fully archives the previous month's files, we felt like we could take this opportunity to post old episodes and therefore make them available to everyone going forward.  So, we are going way back today to our 2nd episode ever.  We will post episode 42 next week and 43 the following week.  Thank you again for your continued support.

Here's the orginal description of this episode... "More summer jams dimished by the ring of light for this edition, the ones that were thought of after the fact.  Please consider lifting the DanBan this summer, "It's so outrageous" say the black cow singers.  Music is best heard when next to a grill, maybe between the hours of 6 and 9.  Please note that this material will have level issues.  We're new to this, folks.  Technology, whatareyougonnadoeh?"

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